Photography is a unique art. That is, instead of fashioning something from raw materials, the photographer begins with what is already crafted. 


I begin with the vastness of the universe. The glittered stars above my head and the waves of sand below my feet. The eyes of each person in a sea of people before me. The soft unfolding curves of a blooming petal. The light that illumines the wrinkles of the wise and the unwavering gaze of the young. There are, in each moment, and all over the world, expressions filled with mystery, and unspeakable suffering, and incredible joy.


And I must choose. I must choose what to cut out of the frame, in order that you might better see what is inside. 


I believe it is my vocation as an artist to shed light upon those subjects that will cause my viewers to pause, and truly see, lest we forget what has been created for us by the craftsman of the universe, the greatest craftsman of all.



Photo: Benjamin J. Lussier