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In Light There is Truth

My first experience with photography was toying around with my father’s old film camera.

As I explored the delicate interplay of light and the human subject,

I fell in love with this medium.


Years later, my love of capturing diverse cultures and landscapes would compel me to travel to over 45 countries. What you find here is a summation of those travels and what my eye felt compelled to share.

Along the way,

I discovered that photography

is a unique form of art.

That is, instead of the artist

creating something from nothing,

the photographer begins

with what is already created. 


I begin with the vastness of the universe:

Scattered stars above me

and glowing horizons before me.

Piercing mountain peaks above me

and rushing rivers below me.

Perfect profiles and graceful figures,

wistful wrinkles and youthful gazes,

soft dawns,

dramatic eves.

And I must choose.

I must choose what to cut out of the frame

in order to better shed light

upon what is inside.

And God said,


" Let there be light"


The body of work you see on this site has been accumlated over the past 12 years of my life as I traveled the world during my spare time and brought my camera along the way. I am now happily married and live in Virginia with my husband and one year old daughter.


I have every intention to keep traveling the world. 


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